Saturday, February 6, 2016

Agents Exiting A Room

This is a model of agents who try to leave the room through the exit on the right hand side. The model also records the frequency of each cell being chosen as a path and draws the result into a path graph, which can be exported to GIS for further analysis.  

Here is a graph showing the path graph opened in GIS:  
In order to calculate the “elevation”, each patch calculates its distance to each exit patch, and set the lowest distance as elevation. When running the model, people always try to move to lower elevation. This algorithm can also be used to build a rainfall model to analyze the movement of rain drops on the ground.  

A video showing the process:



  1. Hello Yang Zhou

    This is Jack 刘憬晨. I am a recent graduate from University of Washington, majoring in Urban Planning and Design.
    I looked at this model several days ago, and it was marvelous. I am thinking about how to further implement it in the field of Urban Planning and Design.

    The question is that I cannot find this program's code on the link that you provided.
    I wonder do you mind sharing that netlogo file or its code with me. As a new user of Netlogo and coding, I really want to learn the rationale of that model, and do some study based on that model.

    Thank you very much for your time and your talented work!


    1. Hi Jack,

      The files can be found if you click the "release" tap in the link and then you should be able to download the code in a zip file called "". Sorry for the confusion.